Hayley Jane w/Everyone Orchestra in Buffalo and Syracuse!

We’re so happy for Hayley Jane to be performing with Everyone Orchestra this weekend! Look at this incredible line-up!

* Vinnie Amico (Moe.) – drums
* Zdenek Gubb (Twiddle) – bass
* Rob Compa (Dopapod) – guitar
* Jeremy Schon (Pigeons Playing Ping Pong) – guitar
* A.C Carter (Tauk) – keys
* Hayley Jane (Hayley Jane and the Primates) – vocal
* Sophistafunk – special guests

Go see Hayley in Buffalo and Syracuse this weekend! 5/12 at Buffo Iron Works and 5/13 at The Wescott Theatre. And if you can’t make it here’s a couch tour link! http://buffalofm.wnymedia.net/live-alert-everyone-orchestra-wsg-sophistafunk/

The Everyone Orchestra conductor/founder Matt Butler has taken its participants, both on stage and off, on improvisational journeys with the most diverse of lineups at festivals, theaters and philanthropic events both nationally and internationally. A laundry list of hundreds of musicians, dancers, singers, guest conductors and community organizations have embraced the experience of EO in single shots of musical adrenaline to the soul. Tuning in to his energy, the band and audience utilize The Conductor as their pivot to the set mood of each passing jam as he communicates with the musicians using hand signs, whiteboard and assorted mime suggestions.

From EO Conductor Matt Butler:
The basic idea is that we are co-creating music and utilizing conducted improvisation as a system or agreement, to aim for moments of musical magic. My intent as a conductor is to steer the group towards creating compositional content within our improvisations while keeping the performance dynamic, diverse, inclusive and also getting the audience involved as the extended “choral” section. We are here to have fun, connect with each other, be challenged musically and create a one of a kind performance