Mountain Times Speak with Hayley Jane about Primates History and More!

By DJ Dave Hoffenberg

This Thursday making their debut at the Pickle Barrel is a band not to be missed: Hayley Jane and the Primates. I first saw this band two years ago at Jerry Jam in New Hampshire and became an instant fan. I’ve seen them twice now and the band is very tight and Hayley Jane is a unique singer. I had the pleasure of speaking with her to learn more about the band, which she describes as “a genre crazy theatrical production.” She sometimes brings dancers with her — that’s the theatrical. When I first saw them in 2016, she and the dancers blew me away.

She continued. “It’s really just my brain to music, which can be scary. It’s emotional. We try and take people on a ride that isn’t necessarily a full-time party. It’s more like life with its super ups and super downs, it can get scary and it can get sad. But it always comes back to love and positivity. The boys like to jam out so there’s elements of jam there plus funk, folk and Americana. To me, I like to say it’s pure emotion. We like to make people feel things. In the end, that’s what is therapeutic about music.”

The band hails from Boston, although Hayley Jane divides her time between there and Burlington, Vt. Occasionally she will do a month-long residency at Nectars. Haley Jane is the lead singer and also plays the washboard. The Primates are made up of Justin “Juice” Hancock (guitar/vocals), Josh “Tree Beard” Carter (bass/vocals), Greg “Smitty” Smith (guitar/vocals) and Ryan “The Claw” Clausen (drums).

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